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AR Bookfinder is an online search engine that helps students find books from various online sources. It was founded in 1997 and is now owned by AbeBooks, an online book marketplace.

AR BookFinder searches the inventories of thousands of booksellers worldwide, providing students access to millions of books. They can search for books using various criteria, such as author, title, keyword, ISBN, and even publisher. Once the user enters their search criteria, Bookfinder returns a list of matching books and information about each book’s price, condition, and availability from various sellers.

Users can refine their search results by selecting filters such as language, format (hardcover, paperback, etc.), and even the seller’s location. They can also sort their search results by price, shipping costs, and other factors.

You can search for books using the Quick Search feature by entering titles or relevant keywords. Advanced Search, on the other hand, lets you select specific parameters while searching for a particular book. You can enter details including title, series, author, ISBN, publisher, quiz released, interest level, additional criteria, and ATOS book level.

AR BookFinder also provides users with tools to help them make informed decisions. For example, users can view ratings and reviews of individual sellers and read descriptions of the condition of the books being sold. They can also compare prices from multiple sellers and view historical pricing data to see how the price of a book has changed over time.

Overall, AR BookFinder is a powerful tool for buying books online. By searching the inventories of multiple booksellers and providing users with a wealth of information about each book, Bookfinder makes it easy to find the books they want at the best possible price.

Top Seven AR BookFinder Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to AR BookFinder:

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a website that offers many resources for parents and educators interested in helping children learn to read. The site includes booklists, reading tips, and strategies for supporting struggling readers. 

It also provides video interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators, which can help students connect with books on a more personal level. 

Reading Rockets is an excellent resource for parents looking for guidance on how to support their child’s reading development and for educators seeking new ideas for classroom instruction.

Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a free online tool that encourages children to read by offering free quiz for kids and games based on books. Users can earn points and rewards for their reading achievements, which can help to motivate them to read more. 

The site includes book reviews written by other students, which can help users discover new books they might enjoy. 

Book Adventure is an excellent resource for parents looking for ways to encourage their children to read and for educators seeking to create engaging reading activities.


Lexile is an online tool that helps users find books that are appropriate for their reading level and interests. 

The site includes a database of over 150 million books and provides personalized reading recommendations based on each user’s reading history. It also offers reading assessments that can be used to determine a user’s reading level and track their progress over time. 

Lexile is an excellent resource for parents looking for books that are appropriate for their child’s reading level and for educators seeking to differentiate instruction based on student reading ability.

Scholastic Book Wizard

Scholastic Book Wizard provides users with an easy-to-use search tool to find books by reading level, interest, and genre. The site includes a “Quick Search” feature that allows users to search for books using simple keywords, such as the title or author’s name. 

It also offers a “Book Finder” tool that helps users locate books that are similar to the ones they have already enjoyed. Scholastic Book Wizard is an excellent resource for teachers as it provides them with booklists and other resources that can be used to create engaging reading assignments and classroom activities.

Renaissance myON Reader

Renaissance myON Reader is a digital library that provides students access to over 6,000 books that can be read at their own pace. The site includes features such as personalized recommendations and reading assessments that can help students choose books that are appropriate for their reading level and interests. 

It also includes tools for tracking reading progress, including setting reading goals and tracking the number of books read. Renaissance myON Reader is also a valuable resource for teachers, as it provides them with data on student reading activity that can be used to inform instructional decisions.

Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is a subscription-based website that offers a wide range of resources for teaching reading. The site includes leveled books, worksheets, and lesson plans that can differentiate instruction based on student reading ability. 

It also includes resources for teaching reading in various subjects, including science and social studies. Reading A-Z is an excellent resource for educators looking for ways to improve their instruction and help their students become more proficient readers.


Epic is a digital library for kids that provides access to over 40,000 books in various genres and subjects. The site includes personalized recommendations, reading assessments, and a “Read-to-Me” feature that provides audio narration for some of its books. 

It also includes a “Reading Log” feature that allows students to track their reading progress and earn digital rewards for their achievements. Epic is an excellent resource for parents looking for a safe and engaging way to introduce their children to digital reading and for educators seeking to provide their students with access to a wide range of high-quality books.


Each site offers a unique set of features and resources that can help users find books appropriate for their reading level and interests and support their overall reading development. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or student, these sites can be valuable tools for improving your reading skills and discovering new books you might enjoy.

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