What Does BMF Mean On TikTok

Social media is overflowing with the usage of slang terms like GNG, OTP or BMF. It has become quite common  to make use of abbreviations on various social media platforms. Recently, youngsters have been using acronyms like BMF. So, What does BMF mean? 

What does bmf mean tiktok

BMF is also a slang term that has several meanings but BMF is mostly use in the sense of “Bad Mother***F**”.

The term is used on many social networks, but is most commonly used on TikTok. This term is usually meant to compliment someone’s character, attitude, or appearance.

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What Does BMF stand for in chatting

BMF full form is “Be My Friend” in texting or chatting. Based on the nature of the conversation it may also mean the phrase “Best Male Friend. Other than “Be my companion,” and “Best man companion,” BMF’s primary meanings are “Blowing Money Fast” and “Black Mafia Family.”

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