What does gns mean on snapchat

Have you ever received a puzzling Snapchat message that had the letters “GNS”? And wondering what does GNS mean on Snapchat? 

If these two questions are your concerns, this post has covered you. In this post, we will tell you everything about GNS. 

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What does GNS mean

GNS stands for “Good Night Snaps” or “Good Night Streaks.”

Sending someone a snap only to continue your streak is known as a “good night streak” or “good night snap.”

You need to send a snap once every 24 hours to keep the streak going. Therefore, many people send their snaps immediately before going to bed.  

GNS is a gesture of friendship. It implies that you enjoy informing your friends about your sleeping schedule.

Why do people send GNS?

Sending daily goodnight messages to your friends can help you keep up your score and establish a streak with them. 

Two people keep up a streak when they send each other snaps back to back for a few days.

All devoted Snapchat users know what it takes to keep a streak going. It indicates that you two are close friends and like exchanging details of your days regularly.

How to respond to a GNS?

You can reply to someone who sends you a GNS by sending them a GNS in return, or you can just write “goodnight” or “have a sweet night.” 

You can also send them any text indicating that you wish them good night.

Wrapping Up

On Snapchat, acronyms like “YWA” or “WTW” are frequently used. However, if you are not a frequent user of Snapchat, you can find things completely confusing.

GNS stands for “Good Night Streak” or “Good Night Snaps” if you wonder what the acronym on Snapchat means.

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