What does moots mean on tiktok

Tiktok is a platform that is filled with slang terms and phrases because it is a place for the youngsters. And a new term “MOOTS” has been popping up all over the app lately. So, what is MOOTS meaning on tiktok? Here’s all that you need to know about MOOTS.

What does moots mean on tiktok

The word MOOTS or MUTUALS is refereed to your “social media friends” that follows you and you follow them back on different platforms such as Tikotk, Instagram or Facebook.

What does mutuals mean on tiktok

According to Urban dictionary “Mutuals” are the people on the internet that you follow and they follow you back and you try to maintain communication with them.

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Moots used in sentences

Here are some examples of term “Moots” used in sentences: 

  • I really want more moots to increase my social circle
  • I wish i had more giveaways for my moots
  • He was amazed to see that i have over 500 moots

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