WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) was introduced for consumer protection and is a radio license regulating control approval. It is a part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. WPC approval is necessary for all wireless devices that use WiFi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth and fall under the category of Antennas, transmitters, Radio devices, receivers, Etc. Obtaining WPC-ETA approval assures consumers that quality and safety standards are followed accurately. Keeping WPC-ETA approval up-to-date is essential for continued compliance.

Importance of WPC-ETA Approval

There are several benefits of WPC-ETA Approval in India for manufacturers and consumers. Let’s explore these benefits.

1. Global Expansion

WPC-ETA approval helps your products to get global recognition and gives global expansion opportunities to you as a manufacturer. To grow your business internationally you should get a WPC-ETA certificate for your products. The WPC certificate is recognized by international organizations like the International Organization for Standardization. It becomes easier for Indian electronic products to be traded internationally.

2. Market Access

You will gain market access with wpc-eta approval in India. By obtaining this certification, manufacturers can access a growing market and enhance the demand for wireless technologies. Electronic products meet the necessary and technical standards that align with the framework set by the government of India. Without this certification, you may be limited to one or two markets and not be able to make your business move forward.

3. Legal Protection

It also provides legal protection to your manufacturing unit and if a manufacturer does not get wpc-eta certification then he might face legal action. This certification involves many steps of testing and verification, and it ensures that it aligns with the specified standards. It also gives you protection from penalties and legal complications that may create obstacles to the growth of your business.

4. Win Consumer Trust

Through WPC-ETA approval you can win the trust of consumers and can build your own identity without any hassle. It will also improve your product reach to new consumers and sustain your identity. This certification also improves consumer confidence in your product and creates a positive image of your wireless devices. Most manufacturers want to build a unique identity but are not fully aware of the wpc-eta approval procedure. Such manufacturers can take the help of a WPC Certification Consultantfor continuous support and competition of the certification process.

5. Improve Your Product Performance

To achieve this certification manufacturers not only improve the product quality but also focus on the performance of wireless devices. The approach of the manufacturer for making their wireless devices better than others is also increasing for this certification.

How to obtain WPC-ETA Certification in India?

There are a few documents that are necessary for this certification. The steps of this certification include some steps. The first is visiting the WPC ETA portal and then clicking on apply on ETA. Later, get RF test reports and make sure that your products fulfill all the standards and they will be tested through various methods. Then submit all the documents and application forms. If you meet all the requirements then you will be granted WPC ETA certification after the submission of charges.


Antennas, transmitters, Radio devices, receivers, etc require a wpc-eta certificate. If you are a manufacturer and want to sell or import your wireless devices your devices must follow all the standards of quality and safety. In addition to this, your products must contain WPC approval in India. With WPC ETA certification you can grow your product’s reach and can gain more consumers without any hindrances. It will also protect your manufacturing unit from legal penalties.

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