Where to see my linkedin connection requests

If you’re looking to increase your connections on LinkedIn You must regularly forward LinkedIn connections requests.

Your LinkedIn requests could quickly accumulate, which is why it’s helpful to view your connections that are pending on LinkedIn in one central place and then you can either accept LinkedIn connections, or cancel. 

Where to see my linkedin connection requests?

Follow these simple steps to view your LinkedIn connection requests: 

  1. Open your LinkedIn app
  2. Click on “My Network” icon 
  3. Here you will see “Invitations” under Manage my network button
  4. Now go to “Sent” 
  5. Here you can see all the connection requests you have sent to others

What Are LinkedIn Pending Connections?

If you’ve been on LinkedIn for a while, chances are you have a few “pending connections”. People who have sent you a connection request, but whom you haven’t yet responded to. Maybe you don’t know them very well, or maybe you’re just not sure if it’s worth connecting with someone who isn’t in your immediate network.

Should You Accept LinkedIn Pending Connections?

The first thing to consider is whether or not you actually know the person who has sent you the connection request or do your interests match with the other persons. If you don’t have any mutual connections and you can’t remember ever meeting them, then it’s probably best to just decline their request. But if you both have some mutual friends or your interests match i.e if both of you have same hobbies or jobs  then it might be worth accepting their request.

Final Verdict

There are numerous benefits to meeting new people via LinkedIn such as the ability to access jobs, news from the industry, career advice, networking opportunities. The opportunities are greater when your network expands and consequently, it’s crucial to monitor pending connections.

A large number of pending connections could mean the profile of yours is appealing to prospective employers or potential clients. In contrast, a lower number of connections could indicate a profile that requires some changes. This information will assist you in understanding the significance that you can get from your LinkedIn account and what has to be done to allow it to expand.

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