Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Red

Polaroid cameras are getting popular these days, and this is because they are easy to use and very much portable. Polaroid cameras come in different colors and sizes and can make your photography experience fun. 

There are tons of benefits to owning a polaroid camera, but you must also know that polaroid cameras are a bit fragile compared to high-quality DSLRs. When an Instax polaroid camera experiences an error, you would see a red light flash on it. 

If you are wondering why my polaroid is flashing, you must simply read this guide. In this post, we will tell you why your polaroid might be flashing the red light and how you can fix it. 

Six Reasons Why Your Polaroid Might Be Flashing? How to Fix These Problems!

Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Red

Here we have mentioned the most common problems as to why your polaroid red light might be flashing:

Low Battery

One of the most common reasons your polaroid might be flashing a red light is its low battery. A blinking red light is a clear indicator of a low battery. In this situation, the camera would reject the print or black film. 

Today new polaroid cameras have interactive displays that can tell you about the battery percentage. For instance, in the Polaroid Now+, you can press and hold the + button and see the number that displays on the screen. 

If you see “1” on the screen, it means the battery is less than 10%, “4” means 40%, etc. 

In case the battery is low, you can charge the camera. It would take around two hours to charge the camera, and the light would stop flashing once the camera is charged. 

If your polaroid comes with replaceable batteries, you have to change them. Changing the batteries would cease the flashing light.

Paper Jam

Your polaroid camera can also flash red if there is a paper jam in the back roll. Usually, there is a set space to add ten or twenty papers to the polaroid camera. If you have added more papers than the given space, the red light will start flashing, and the camera will not work. There is also a chance that the paper in the roll might be bent backward.

You can solve this issue by removing the excessive prints or straightening the paper. The flashing red light will disappear when you restart the camera.

Low or No Space 

Another common reason why you might see a flashing red light on the polaroid is if there is low space to capture and print pictures. When there is no memory on the polaroid snap or no card available for printing the captured image, the red light starts blinking.

There are two possible solutions to this problem. You can either replace the roll with new cards in the paper ray, or you can delete some photos to free up the storage space. This would cease the flashing red light!

Empty Print Tray

You might also see the red flashing light on your camera if you don’t have any printing papers in the print tray. The paper status light on the polaroid will simply flash in red if the camera detects no paper. You can stop the red light from flashing by inserting new papers. Today you can easily order cheap polaroid print papers from various online platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, etc. 

System Errors

There are system errors that can result in a flashing red light. System errors can be caused because of multiple reasons. Some of these have been mentioned below for your knowledge!

  • If the printer in the polaroid doesn’t support the image format, a red light will appear. You can delete the photo and retake it.
  • If the back cover of the camera is opened, a flashing red light will appear. You must close the cover, or if the cover is broken/missing, you will need to get a new one.
  • Polaroids can be connected to digital devices for printing purposes. If the camera software is not updated, the red light will blink. You can connect to a stable connection and update the camera.

These are some of the common system errors which can result in the blinking of the red light.

Dropped the Camera

Polaroid cameras, as we have told you before, are very delicate compared to professional DSLRs. If you have accidentally dropped your camera, there is a huge chance of malfunctioning, which can trigger the red light. If you see the red light flashing after the camera is dropped, you must check for any visible damage. 

Damaged internal or external components can result in the flashing of the light. It is best that you consult a professional and get your camera repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Orange?

If you see your polaroid Instax mini camera blink orange, it means that your battery is dead. You must charge the camera or replace the batteries. Simply open the battery slot, change the old batteries, and turn on the camera. The orange light would start flashing.

How Long Does a Polaroid Batter Last?

Different polaroid camera models have different battery times. The new polaroid batteries can last for a couple of weeks. You can take at least a hundred shots with the new polaroid cameras before it dies out. The cameras having replaceable batteries can shoot up to 10-15 packs of film on a full charge.

Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Red With a full battery? 

Your Polaroid camera could be flashing red with a full battery due to issues such as film jam, overheating, malfunctioning components, outdated film, or other technical problems.

How to Reset an Instax Mini?

Follow these steps to reset the Instax mini:

  • Make sure your camera is turned off
  • Open the battery compartment door. You would see a red button inside
  • Press and hold this reset button for three to four seconds
  • Close the battery compartment 
  • Turn on the camera
  • Take a test photo and see if the camera is working properly
  • Repeat the steps if the camera has not been reset


Flashing red lights in polaroid cameras can be because of multiple problems. Here in this article, we have discussed some of them. You can find popular reasons as to why you might be seeing a red light flashing on your camera. You can also find the best possible solutions to resolve this issue!

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