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You’ve landed on the perfect blog post if you want a smart speaker for your home that can change music and turn up the volume with your voice only. The Google Home Max White smart speaker is one of the leading options that you can find in the market today. 

Read this review all the way to the end if you plan to purchase this smart speaker for your home or any other place. We have reviewed this speaker’s different features in order to determine whether or not purchasing it now would be a wise investment this year.

Overview of Google Home Max

The google home max white is a high-end sound system specifically designed to give a hard competition to Apple’s Home Pod which is expected to release in the June of this year.  This WIFI-connected speaker is one of the smartest options that you can find in the market today. The Google Home Max White speaker was first launched in the United States and even since its great acceptance in the States, the company has planned to release it in Canada and other countries over the year.

The Max has a massive size and is no doubt one of the most expensive sound systems in the market. It is expected to be launched at a price of $500 in Canada. Although most of you would find this wireless speaker similar to Google Home and Google Home Mini, the fact of the matter is that its audio fidelity is far superior to any other speaker in this league. 

Google Home Max White Connectivity & Controls

The Google Home Max White speaker’s controls are really simple to use, which makes things easier for a non-technical user. The touch controls on the speaker’s top are fun to use. The days of clumsy knobs and buttons for controlling speakers are long gone. Now, you can change songs, volume, and more by just swiping the speaker’s top edge! Along with this, you can pause and resume playback by simply tapping.

You must first connect Google Home Max White speakers to your home’s WIFI in order to use them. You can either connect the speaker with the wifi router or with an Ethernet cable. The zero-latency connection is the ideal choice for the speaker if you want to use it in a single place. Having a wired connection would ensure that your speaker gets a stable network at all times.

Google Home Max White Speaker Specifications

The Google Home Max White speaker is quite simple in its working. You can use this speaker by just speaking into it. This is due to Google Assistant’s integration inside the Google Home Max White speaker. Users can easily provide commands using their voice while they are close to the speaker. The speaker will carry out the task exactly as you specify, enabling you to use a hands-free approach. The biggest feature in our opinion is voice detection. The speaker can easily detect and save up to five different voices which can be used to operate it. This means you can scan and save up to five voices of your family members. 

Google Home Max White Speaker Performance 

The Google Home Max White speaker has a very wide voice detection range which makes it better than existing options in this league. This means even if you are standing at the opposite end of the room, it can still hear your voice. But know that after moving five meters, you would need to speak a little louder for the speaker to hear your voice.

The speaker itself has two distinct built-in speakers that are both 4.5″ woofers with tweeters supporting them from behind. The overall sound production of this speaker after turning it up to its maximum volume is quite impressive. So we would probably give you a 9/10 in the performance league.

Google Home Max White Speaker Body Specs

 This speaker is a massive device but at the same time, you must know that it has a very minimalistic and sleek design. Still, you must know that people who live in small apartments, or flats or are looking for a wireless speaker for their offices would have problems finding the right location for this speaker. The large size is considered to be best to place with your television system in your living room. 

Who Can Use the Google Home Max Speaker White?

  • The most ideal user of the google home max white is a person who is already using the Google ecosystem. If you have Google Chromecast and other relevant products, you can easily connect them with the home max speaker. 
  • If you use google voice search on a daily basis, speaker max is the right match for you.
  • Here an important point to note is that Apple users or Apple Music subscribers cannot enjoy the home max speaker white. 

Should you buy the Google Home Max White Speaker?

The Google Home Max white has integrated itself into the lives of tech guys like other devices haven’t, even if it’s difficult to advocate a smart speaker above a dedicated home audio system or any other Bluetooth speakers. But we believe that the Google Home Max is the best choice for most people looking for a powerful smart speaker with superb audio output quality. Sadly, Google Max has discontinued the series which is why you cannot get it directly from Google. But you can still buy it from Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms. 

Outstanding sound quality Punchy bassThe treble range can get muddled
Low latency High coverage rangeStrong firmwareGoogle has discontinued the series which is why you would not get new updates

End Words

If you are thinking about whether you should buy Google home max white speakers, you must understand that this can be a good or a bad choice at the same time. Whether you should buy this speaker or not depends on your requirements, premises, budget, and other personal factors. To know more about interesting tech gadgets, stay tuned to Tecligster. 

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