how to see comments on twitter

Twitter is one of the top most used social media platforms in the world. Through twitter you can connect with your ideals, mentors and your favourite celebrities.  

But sometimes it can be difficult to understand its functionality. Sometimes users figure out how to do simple tasks on twitter as many beginners are unable to find out how to see comments on twitter. But worry not in this guide we will show you how to see twitter comments in simple steps.

How to see comments on twitter

Follow these simple steps to view comments on twitter: 

  1. Go to the tweet you want to see. 
  2. Simply click on the tweet (Not on the comments icon)
  1. Here you can see all the comments 

Why can’t I see comments on Twitter

You can’t see comments on Twitter because maybe you are trying to see comments by clicking on the “Comments” icon. Clicking the “Comment” icon will only open a dialogue box that allows you to respond to the tweet. 

So, all you need to do is instead of clicking the comments icon, click on the tweet directly. It will show you all the comments. But if you still can’t see the comments, it’s maybe that you are blocked, the account is private or the comments are hidden by the user.

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