how to cash in gcash in 7 11

GCash, a leading mobile wallet in the Philippines, offers a wide range of services allowing users to manage their finances conveniently. One of the most popular features of GCash is the ability to cash in or add funds to your GCash wallet. In addition to various online and bank transfer options, GCash provides a cash-in service through partner outlets such as 7-Eleven. If you’re wondering how to send money in Gcash 711, follow the steps below.

How to cash in Gcash in 7 11: Steps

Here’s How To Cash in Gcash in 7 11: Find a nearby 7-Eleven, use the CLIQQ KIOSK to cash into GCash, pay at the counter, and check the balance on the app.

The detailed steps are listed below:

  1. Locate a Nearby 7-Eleven Store

Find a 7-Eleven store near your location. With thousands of branches across the Philippines, locating one shouldn’t be too difficult. You can use the 7-Eleven Store Locator on their website or mobile app to find the nearest store.

  1. Prepare Your GCash Mobile Number

Before heading to the 7-Eleven store, have your GCash mobile number ready. This is the 11-digit mobile number associated with your GCash account. You must provide this number to the CLIQQ KIOSK during the cash-in process.

  1. Proceed to the CLIQQ KIOSK Screen

Once you arrive at the 7-Eleven store, approach the kiosk app. You can ask any store attendant about using the app/screen. They will assist you with the process and guide you through the necessary steps.

  1. Choose E-Money Option

On the homepage of the touch screen, you will find the e-money option. Click on this and go through the different options. You will find GCash in the list. 

  1. Enter Your GCash Registered Number

You must type down the registered GCash number in the input box and tap the ENTER button. 

  1. Enter the Amount You Want to Load

After providing the registered number, the app will ask you for the amount you want to cash in. Enter the amount and confirm

  1. Take the Receipt to the Counter

Once you have confirmed the paper, a receipt will appear on the screen. Once you have the printed slip, you must present it to the cashier and pay for the amount you entered. You will shortly receive confirmation for the amount.

  1. Check Your GCash Balance

To ensure the funds have been successfully added to your GCash wallet, open the GCash app on your mobile device. Check your GCash balance to verify that the cash-in amount reflects in your account.


Cashing into your GCash wallet at a 7-Eleven store provides a convenient and accessible method for adding funds. Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily locate a nearby 7-Eleven branch, use the KIOSK screen and proceed with GCash cash-in. You must provide your GCash mobile number and the amount, pay the cash-in amount to the cashier, and wait for the confirmation message.

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