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Snapchat is one of the most used social media applications across the world where people share snaps with their friends and keep them updated about their activities.

However, one thing that you will notice on Snapchat is that users apply a lot of acronyms and slang terms that often create issues for individuals who are new to this platform.

There are many commonly used slang terms on social media such as BMF, ASL, or in our case SN, that users ask for. So do you know the SN meaning on Snapchat? If not, here is what does SN mean on Snapchat:

What does sn mean on Snapchat?

There are multiple SN meanings on Snapchat such as “Screen Name,  Say Nothing, Super Nice, Super Natural”. And the meaning of SN will depend on the conversation that you are having.

Let’s take a detailed look at SN meanings: 

Screen Name

People use an alias on Snapchat instead of using their full name. So, someone who is texting you like “Hey ABC, your SN is nice”, here SN meaning is that he is talking about your Screen Name.

Say Nothing

This term is used when you want to praise someone. Let’s say a person sends you a snap and writes “Thanks for the gift”, here you reply SN, which means you are telling him to Say Nothing (mention not).

Super Nice

If you post a video or picture and someone comments SN on it, now here SN meaning is that he/she is appreciating you by saying the picture is Super Nice

Super Natural

Since Snapchat is full of filters. If you are posting such a picture where no filter is used, you can use the term SN as a supernatural to tell people that no filter is applied there.


Using slang on Snapchat is not a new thing. And it is growing rapidly every day, confusing many new users.

In this article, we have covered the topic “what does SN mean on Snapchat”. And we hope that the information provided above was helpful to you. We have presented the terms with a proper explanation so you can understand them better.

Thanks for reading and do tell us if you know any other SN mean on Snapchat that we did not explain above.

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