Benefits of Using Solenoid Valves in Vehicle Automation

Today, solenoid valves are used in a number of applications, from home to industrial machinery. A proportional solenoid valve is extensively used because of its fast response, and accurate results. It is used in industries to dose, mix or start, stop, control the supply of fluid and maintain the required pressure in a system so that it can perform all the operations smoothly. 

A solenoid valve is reliable, safe and a perfect option for automated systems where all operations are performed remotely. The ability to open or close the orifice makes it an ideal solution for various applications where speed and accuracy is the primary concern.

Below we have listed a few benefits of a solenoid-operated valve in vehicle automation:


Today, the control valve is used in vehicle automation because of its cost-effectiveness. They enable the user to reduce the operational and repair cost. These valves help the system to use the right pressure according to the need of the process and prevent the waste of excess energy and pressure. When the system operates on precise pressure and the waste is low then the system has to bear less and the user has to face fewer breakdowns. Resultantly, it cut down the maintenance and repair costs. 

Fast response times:

The response time of a proportional solenoid valve is very fast and it responds immediately in milliseconds upon the given input. This makes it ideal for automated systems where time and speed matter a lot for a process to happen accurately. Various processes require different flow rates and pressure. For instance, at the assembly line, automated robots tights the bolts of various parts with the help of air guns. These guns use the pressure of the air with the help of a proportional flow control valve to tighten the bolts. Some bolts require a high pressure such as the bolts of the tires needing to be tightened with a great force and for these bolts, these systems use a high pressure to tighten the bolts quickly. This pressure is maintained quickly with the help of a control valve. 

Accuracy in Control of Flow or Pressure:

In vehicle automation, it’s crucial to maintain accuracy for making a high-quality product. If the quality of the product will not be equal to the preset standards then it will not let the manufacturer compete with the competitors. Nowadays, the paint job on vehicles is done with an automated system where a flow valve controls the flow rate, and pressure so that the accurate quantity of the paint can be applied to all the parts. Here this valve responds quickly to the given input and maintains the required flow rate and pressure and does not let it cross the set limit. 

Saves Energy and Cost: 

Today, all manufacturers want to save energy and cost to increase their profit margin while keeping the quality of the product as per the standards of the market. In this regard, a solenoid proportional valve serves a key role. It reduces the waste of fluid and energy by controlling the flow rate and the pressure and lets the system use the exact amount of energy and pressure that is required to perform a specific task. This way, it reduces the operational cost of the manufacturer. 

Final Words:

A proportional solenoid valve provides strong control over the essential process variables and provides a robust safety feature to keep the system or equipment safe. This is what makes it an ideal choice for various applications. 

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