The emergence of Instagram as the best and one of the most used social media platforms is stunning. People love to share posts and stories on this platform and get new connections.

However, most of the Instagram Ids are private so you can’t see their stories and posts unless you follow the account.

Furthermore, there is no option to save the stories on your device directly. Therefore, you have to get help from any third party.

For, the best way is to get help from an anonymous Instagram story viewer and stalk the private accounts.

There is a never-ending list of these tools and applications that you can use to track secretive Instagram Ids and among them, storiesdown is the most popular one.

In this article, we are going to explore this online tool in detail and also tell you the alternatives that you can use in place of Storiesdown.

What is StoriesDown?

Storiesdown is an online platform that allows you to watch the Instagram stories of others even without having an account.

This element makes it easy for you to watch and download the stories deprived of seeing them. Instagram itself doesn’t allow this feature.

The built-in interface allows you to view the stories without giving your Instagram account there.

Pros and Cons of Using StoriesDown

Though this online platform is quite beneficial platform for many individuals, it has its pros and con that we are going to mention here.


  • This application is quite easy to use and you can run it on all the devices
  • There is no need to sign up for your account for viewing the stories
  • A safe and reliable option to use


  • The tool will not work for the private accounts
  • There is no guarantee that the tool will be perfect in the future as we got a lot of substitutes for this online tool.

Alternatives of StoriesDown

Although storiesdown is a very effective Instagram story viewer that allows you to watch the stories from other accounts anonymously it is also important to check the alternatives that you can use in place of this web application.

In this section, we are going to mention the best 10 substitutes that you can use to watch Instagram stories secretly.


EyeZy is a complete package for spying the Instagram accounts and getting the entire information. From watching the stories and reels to checking the message history, you can do every job here.

This online tool was specially designed for the purpose of parental control so that parents can check the activity of their children without letting them know.

Using this online platform, you can get access to the stories, posts, media files, and messages that are sent or received on a certain account of Instagram. 


This is another amazing application that you can use to track your Instagram profile and check the overall activity on that account.

Not only it allows you to watch the posts and stories but also can be effective in checking messages and calls.

Furthermore, you can track the browsing history as well. So, this is an all-in-one package that can help you spy the Instagram account anonymously.


In the list of top alternatives for storiesdown, Toolzu is another amazing option that you need to consider for watching Instagram stories anonymously.

You can open this online platform on the web browser and view the stories of other accounts without letting them know.

Here you have to enter the Instagram Id that you are looking to spy and easily view the story there. 


Regrann is a third-party resource that you can use to view Instagram reels and posts. Not only this, but you can also download the posts and keep them on your device or share them on your account.

Apart from stories, you can download everything using this online platform. You can get this free application on both play store and app store. 


Many online platforms allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously and download them on your device but Embedstories is a special tool of its kind.

Once you connect to this platform, you can automatically download the reels and posts on your device and keep them saved on your device.

One of the best things that you get in this online web tool is that it works seamlessly because it uses the APIs of Instagram.


While you look at the best alternatives for Storiesdown, you can never ignore this special tool that distinguishes itself because of some handy features.

Using this Instagram stories viewer, you can download the stories, posts, and reels from the accounts of other users without letting them know.

Furthermore, you can also handle it as a social media marketing tool and interact with the Chabot and directly send messages to them.


Imginn is one of the most popular Instagram video platforms that will let you download Instagram reels and stories anonymously.

You just have to paste the URL of the profile that you are looking to view or enter the name of the ID. The tool will open the profile on your screen where you can view the posts and stories.


mSpy is one of the best social media tracking that can be used for parental control and you can track the activity of children.

Not only can you help in tracking messages but it also allows viewing the stories and posts. This entire job can be done secretly.


You can use Cocospy for tracking the activities of the accounts that are being used in the target devices.

Using this top-quality story viewer, you can keep a bird’s eye view of all the accounts and watch the stories and posts without letting anyone know about them.


Just like Toolzu, StorySaver is another top-notch Instagram story saver that will let you download stories from Instagram accounts anonymously.

You just need to enter the URL of the public account and once the ID gets opened, you need to view the story and click on the save button.


Is it possible to view posts using Instagram stories viewer?

This is quite a technical question as this feature may vary among the tools. Some of the platforms allow you to post and reel anonymously while others just have the option to stories.

Are Instagram story viewers free to use?

Not all Instagram private viewers are free. Some of the tools are paid while the others just need a signup.

Some of the Instagram viewer applications don’t even need any registration and you can use it by just entering the ID and checking the stories and posts.

Bottom Lines

There are many individuals who love to stalk the accounts without getting noticed. For it, they get help from private Instagram story viewers.

Storiesdown is one of the best and most renowned online applications for this purpose as it can be used on all platforms.

However, there are also many alternatives that you can use in place of stories down and stalk the accounts of your friends secretly.

Here we have discussed all the top substitutes that can be the right choice in place of storiesdown. You must give these online platforms a try.

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