Top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog Games

The blue devil has been gracing our console screens for quite some time now. Sonic the Hedgehog sped into existence back in 1991 and ever since, this hot-dog-loving mammal has been featured in a good selection of games along with his furry friends. Said friends include but are certainly not limited to: Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Big the Cat, and Rouge the Bat, to name a few. Being a product of Sega, the company behind many critically acclaimed gaming titles from the era of NES and Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog maintains a presence in the game (and film) industry today.

To pay tribute to his speed, cunning and unwavering sense of slapstick humor, we’re going to go ahead and list down all the Sonic games you can enjoy currently if you haven’t done so already. Before we get into the good stuff, consider setting yourself up with an internet that lets you game or watch the adventures of Sonic as they should be. AT&T Internet plans offer a wide variety of deals and discounts specially tailored for gamers who’d like to spend less time downloading their game and more on experiencing it. The same goes for streaming. Since Sonic now has two brilliant live adaptations to his name to stream on the big screen, you wouldn’t want an internet that lags just when Sonic is about to kick Eggman’s rotund behind.

Now, without further ado, let’s hop, run, and spin dash into our listicle!

Sonic Unleashed

Ah, yes, let’s begin with the underrated one, shall we? Sonic Unleashed decided to unfurl things a bit differently than the rest of the Sonic games; effectively turning Sonic into a burly, grizzled werewolf due to the effects of a serum [MG1]. The catch was that Sonic would stay in his usual hedgehog-y self but undergo a transformation as soon as the sunset.

A cool concept. Plus, the story justified why it happened. Everything else was pretty neat too, starting from the soundtracks to the then top-notch CGI and even the boss fights got your heart pumping. Still, the age bracket that Sonic games usually appeal to; mid-teens, found their blue devil turning into a werewolf a blasphemous concept and thus sales plummeted. Keeping aside the reviews though, the game in itself is a neat addition in our honest opinion.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

What’s better than having just Sonic on the screen? Having Tails tag along with him, of course! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 introduced Miles Tails Prower as Sonic’s goody-two-shoes buddy who apparently could fly using his not one, but two, pun intended, tails! The mechanics of this is similar to that of helicopter blades.

Sonic 2 was a massive success because it introduced new zones, new enemies, new combat mechanics, and all this was centered around the same main idea: gotta go fast!

Interestingly, this is also the first game that introduced the Super Sonic transformation by having Sonic collect all seven chaos emeralds and then use them to turn into a mini Super Saiyan. Sorry, we meant Super Sonic.

Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors seems like something James Gunn would design if he were ever into game development. The game introduces a visually upgraded Sonic as he stumbles upon a planet inhabited by the Wishes. These little, colorful, plush toy-looking beings can be picked up as power-ups by the Blue Devil as he speeds across multiple continents, stages, and beautifully imaged locations. Sega goes the extra mile and peppers methodological platforming along with meticulously crafted puzzle designs to keep players hooked for hours with this title.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Released exclusively for the Gamecube, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is a revamp of the base game with lots more detail, customizations, upgrades, multiplayer availability, and exclusive characters. Considering the base version was already such a massive hit with players, this one takes it up a rung or two to become one of the most beloved 3D Sonic games of all time.

As the name implies, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is a story about the rivalry between Sonic and Shadow and how they use their respective abilities to bring action-packed gameplay. The game even throws in a Chao garden that players can visit from time to time to activate some much-needed Zen.

Sonic Generations

An amalgamation and remake of everything that came before as far as Sonic and his universe are concerned. Sonic Generations introduces us to two versions of Sonic. One is chibi, cuddlier, and only runs 2D while the other is a more modern, 3D version of the Blue Devil. Both these lovable characters are brought together to help fight against a world-threatening monster out to devour Sonics’ world.

All 14 levels included in the game incorporate something or the other from past games to make this title a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.


That’s a wrap on Sonic and his top adventures on a variety of gaming stations. There’s still a good bunch of titles worth mentioning but we’d recommend checking these out first if you want the complete experience of what Sonic the Hedgehog is known for.

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