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The number of fleet tracking companies is increasing by the day. According to recent statistics, the global service management market is estimated to grow 19.7% from 2021 to 2030. The global fleet tracking companies are estimated to have reached $40005 million in 2020.  

Choosing a fleet tracking company is critical as they will be responsible for keeping your fleet safe while on the road. Hiring an untrustworthy and unreliable company can increase accident rates. This article lists essential things to consider when choosing the best fleet-tracking company. 

What is a Fleet Tracking Company?  

The trucking company oversees fleet performance and maintenance to ensure fleet safety, increase productivity and reduce fuel costs. A fleet tracking process is an administrative approach that ensures companies can coordinate with fleet vehicles to ensure compliance with government regulations, improve efficiency and reduce vehicle costs.  

RAM tracking fleet tracking solution will help monitor driver behavior and record mechanical diagnostics. The software of the fleet tracking company enables fleet managers to track all vehicles from a central location. 

The following are factors to consider when identifying a reliable fleet-tracking solution for your business.

1. Long-Term Goals   

When in the market for a fleet tracking company, ensure you consider the long-term goals of the company. Since you will need a long-term partnership, you should be sure you will get good services for long periods. Check when the company owner will be retiring or if there are plans to sell the company soon. 

Ask if there are any plans to change their business model or add features to their services. Ensure you get an honest and trustful assessment of their long-term goals and where the company will move business-wise.

2. Service Match   

Ensure you develop a list of services your fleet will require and the vehicle types in an inventory. Try asking if their technicians have the appropriate experience with the vehicles you have or services you will need. 

3. Insurance Coverage 

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Ensure you know what specifics a feel tracking company insurance will and will not cover. It is appropriate for the fleet management company to cover any stolen or vandalized vehicles. Check if they will cover any damages to the assets in case of a natural disaster like floods or fire. Knowing all these will ensure you prepare for emergencies whenever they arise.

4. Labor and Parts Policy   

You must ask the fleet tracking company about their labor and parts policy to be sure if there is any protection for faulty parts. If the installation does not work, will the company offer a full warranty on their services or parts? Take your time to read and understand what their policy entails and what it does not include. 

5. Customer Service 

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Any top fleet tracking company is always excellent at communication. Before outsourcing your fleet, you must ensure you can easily reach your fleet tracking company using different communication platforms. You want to ensure the customer service agents are always available to promptly receive calls or reply to emails.

6. Testimonials and References   

Any reputable fleet tracking company should have references and testimonials. You should always request the company offer testimonials of their previous clients’ contacts to enable you to verify the quality of service they offer.  

Feel free to ask their previous clients questions, such as your experience with the company. How prompt was the customer service department? Are you willing to work with them in the future?  

Ensure you check third-party review sites for accurate reviews concerning the fleet tracking company levels before making any decision.

7. Turnaround Time for Maintenance  

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Your fleet vehicles can interfere with your workflow and productivity levels when they are down for maintenance for long periods. Ensure you can always reach out to them immediately and get to know how long it takes for issues to be fixed. With this, you can plan how long your vehicles will be out whenever an issue requires maintenance. 

It is also essential that you check how qualified their mechanics are and if they have experience in repairing your fleet model and type. Ask about their license and qualification. 

8. Financing Options   

Most fleet tracking companies have a set budget for their fleet. Hence, you need to ensure their budget is within your reach. Check if they offer any leasing options or payment plans for their services. Consider getting quotations from different fleet tracking companies to ensure you settle on a company that suits your price range. 


One of the most important things you must remember when shopping for the best fleet tracking company is whether they can provide a quality return on investment. It does not matter what type of relationship you have unless they continue bringing profits to your feet.  

You should never take the process of outsourcing your fleet lightly. It is an essential part of your business and requires you to take time and land the right fleet company. 

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