How to Load Gsat Using GCash

If you use GSAT TV, you would be interested in knowing how to load your account with an alternatively easy method. GSAT, also known as global satellite, is a home television provider in the Philippines, which is quite popular as it provides users access to more than 200 local and global channels. GSAT TV works on prepaid cards, or you must pay the monthly subscription through any loading portal. 

Lucky for you, here in this article, we will tell you how to load Gsat using pin with the help of GCash. Gcash can make your work easy, and you wouldn’t have to stress about finding a local vendor for a prepaid card or load for your GSAT account. 

Step-by-Step Guide to load Gsat using gcash account!

If you don’t know how to load Gsat using Gcash, follow the steps discussed here in this post. 

Open GCash Application and Log-In

The first step is to open the GCash application on your mobile and log into your account with the help of the registered MPIN. Once you have logged in to the app, you will find all the main interface features.

Use the “Buy Load” Option

You will see the “Buy Load” icon on the app’s main screen. Click on it to enter the number for a top-up. Here you have to enter the mobile number to which your GSAT pin will be sent. After providing the number, click on the “Next” button.

Select the “Pay TV” Option 

Next, you will see the PAY TV tab on the load menu. You must click on it and swipe the options to find GSAT. You would see multiple options, including GSAT200, GSAT300, GSAT500, etc. You have to select the one you have subscribed to or the one you want to load for the month.

Review and Confirm Payment

After selecting the package, you must review the details, check your available GCash balance, and finally hit the “Pay” button. Once the payment has been made, you will receive the GSAT PIN on your mobile number.

Enter the GSAT PIN in the Loading Portal

Once you have received the pin on your number, which can sometimes take time, you must open the GSAT web portal, enter your box number, and receive a pin. After submitting these details, click on the “Submit” button. 

This is how successfully you can load your GSAT account with the help of GCash. 

Important Tips:

  • All payments to GSAT are considered final, so load the amount on the right mobile or PIN. In case of wrong details, your amount will not be refunded.
  • If you don’t receive the PIN after the payment has been made, you can contact the official email of GCash or the CSR team of GSAT.
  • Note that you can also buy loads for an unverified account. 


It is no longer a problem to Load Gsat using Gcash. You don’t have to look for local vendors or buy prepaid cards to top up your account. You can install the GCash application on your mobile if you don’t have it and follow this step-by-step guide to top-up your account right from home. You don’t have to worry if your subscription is expiring or the bill payment date is due; you can load it whenever you want using GCash without any hidden charges.

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