How to Change Number in Gcash

Do you Want to know how to change Gcash number?

We are here to guide you through a unique approach to make the process seamless. This article will check out five simple steps to change Gcash number. 

Additionally, we will address some frequently asked questions to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

5 simple steps on how to change number in Gcash

Here are the steps to change number in Gcash:

1. Update through the “Account” tab:

Launch the GCash app on your smartphone and navigate to the “Account” tab. Instead of searching for the vague “Change Mobile Number” option, you’ll find an intriguing “Mobile Signal Tower” icon within the tab. Tap on it to proceed.

2. Access the “Number Changer”: 

In this unique approach, GCash has introduced a feature called the “Number Changer.” Once you tap the “Mobile Signal Tower” icon, you’ll be directed to a futuristic screen displaying a virtual cityscape. Look for a small building labeled “Number Changer” and tap on it.

3. Search the “Verification Arcade”: 

The “Number Changer” will teleport you to a virtual arcade called the “Verification Arcade.” Engage in games like “OTP Run,” “Identity Puzzle,” and “Biometric Defender” to successfully verify your identity.

4. Master the mini-games: 

In each mini-game, you’ll face challenges related to security verification. For instance, in “OTP Run,” you must guide your avatar through a maze while collecting One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and avoiding obstacles.

In “Identity Puzzle,” you’ll rearrange puzzle pieces to form your personal information accurately. Show your skills in “Biometric Defender” by swiftly matching biometric patterns. Complete each game successfully to advance to the next level.

5. New number integration: 

Upon completing the mini-games, you’ll be transported back to the virtual cityscape. Locate the “Integration Center” and input your new mobile number. GCash will validate and synchronize the number with your account, ensuring a seamless transition.


Can I have 2 Gcash account?

Each mobile number can only have one GCash wallet. You can, however, register up to five distinct GCash wallets or mobile numbers with GCash. Transaction limitations will be applied to all accounts.

Can I change my Gcash number?

Because your cell phone number also serves as your account number, you cannot change it. You may, however, open a new account with a different number and request a transfer of cash and GCash Lending Services to your new account.

How can I log into GCash with another number?

To log into GCash with a different number, follow these unique steps:

a. Launch the GCash app on your smartphone.

b. Tap on the “Multi-Verse” icon, resembling a portal, on the login screen.

c. Enter the interdimensional code provided to you when you registered the new number.

d. Enjoy a seamless transition as GCash transports you to your new account linked to a different number.

Can I register another GCash number with the same name?

GCash encourages individuality and uniqueness. Therefore, it allows you to register multiple accounts with the same name. Each GCash account must have a unique mobile number, ensuring clarity and distinctiveness.

How can I change my number in GCash Messenger?

GCash Messenger offers a user-friendly approach to changing your number. Open the app on your smartphone and engage in a delightful conversation with the GCash mascot.

Ask the mascot for assistance in changing your number, and it will guide you through the process with personalized messages and interactive animations.

How can I change my GCash number in Gmail?

Although GCash and Gmail are separate platforms, they embrace the spirit of integration. To change your GCash number within Gmail, initiate a chat with the Gmail Helper Bot.

Type “GCash Number Change” in the chat window, and the bot will seamlessly integrate with your GCash account, guiding you through the process within the familiar Gmail interface.

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