Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Orange

If you are a new polaroid camera user, you might face petty issues like blinking/flashing lights. One of the most common issues you might encounter is the flashing orange light. You must read this post if you are wondering why Is my polaroid flashing Orange. In this guide, we have explained some common reasons why your polaroid might be flashing orange light. Other than this, you would also find some ways to resolve this problem. 

Three Reasons why Is my Polaroid Flashing Orange!

There are a few reasons why Is my polaroid flashing Orange. We have listed the most common issue here in this post. 

Flash is Charging 

When you take a picture with your polaroid instax mini, the flash must charge before taking another picture. Now if you see the orange light flash or blink after taking a picture, the most common reason is that the flash is recharging. 

The good news in this scenario is that this kind of flashing orange doesn’t indicate a problem. You can continue using the camera as normal once the flashing light disappears. 

Battery Low/Failed

If the orange light keeps flashing, the most common reason is the low battery. The light will keep blinking if the flash fails to recharge itself because of weak batteries. A failed battery would not allow the camera to switch on or to take pictures. 

In this situation, you would have to open the back cover of the camera and check out the battery’s condition. You can check whether the battery cells are losing or missing. Take out the batteries and put them back to see if they were losing in the first place. If the batteries are intact, there is a big chance that your batteries will die. 

You can replace the old batteries with fresh ones, and the light will stop blinking eventually.

Jammed Instax Film 

The third common reason your polaroid might be flashing orange is if the Instax film is jammed. If the film is jammed, it cannot eject from the camera. If you have recently changed your camera batteries but still see the flashing orange light, you must inspect the camera film. To remove the jammed film, you must first open the camera’s back cover, remove the cartridge, and carefully pull out the jammed film. After that, you must close the cover and insert a new film cartridge. This would hopefully get rid of the flashing orange light.

These are the top three reasons your polaroid might be flashing orange light. If your camera is still flashing orange, you can try resetting it!

How to Reset Flashing Orange Polaroid?

If your polaroid is malfunctioning and giving the orange light, you should reset it. You can reset it by following the steps we have mentioned below:

  • Locate the reset button on your camera. This small button would be located along with the battery compartment
  • After finding the button, you need to press and hold it for about three to five seconds
  • Now release the reset button and let the camera reboot
  • Once the polaroid reboots, you can try taking pictures again. 

In most cases, after you reset the camera, the light would go off, and the camera would start functioning normally. Still, if the problem persists, you must contact the service center.

You can contact the polaroid Instax camera service center and ask them for a deep inspection.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Flashing Orange Lights on the Polaroid!

Here are some of the mistakes that most newbies make that you must avoid if you want to get rid of the flashing orange light.

Inserting Batteries in the Wrong Orientation

A common mistake most people make is inserting batteries on the wrong side. You have to insert the batteries according to the orientation mentioned in the battery compartment. Placing the batteries in the wrong orientation would result in the flashing orange light and malfunctioning of the camera. 

Touching Lens of the Camera

Another mistake you must avoid is touching the camera’s lens. If you touch the lens, you are simply risking many problems. These include streaks in your pictures, blurry images, out-of-focus photography, etc. If you have touched the lens unintentionally, it is best to wipe it with tissue paper and let it rest for a while. If you notice any of the mentioned issues, it is best to get your polaroid checked.

Damaging the AE/Flash Sensor

You might not have noticed, but the polaroid camera would have two sensors causing the flashing orange light. The first sensor is the auto exposure, and the second is the flash sensor. If either of these sensors has been damaged or is dirty, the camera will flash orange. These sensors are very delicate, so you must handle them with care. A dirty sensor can be cleaned with a soft cloth, but if they have been damaged, you must replace them.

Using Average Batteries

We would suggest you use alkaline batteries instead of other options. This is because alkaline batteries are more powerful than general batteries and can easily take up to 100 pictures on your polaroid before you would need to replace them. You must change the camera batteries after you have taken 100 photographs. Changing the batteries on time would help you avoid the flashing orange light!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my Instax Blinking Orange?

One of the reasons why your Instax might be flashing an orange light is that the film cartridge is not closed. You should check the door and try closing it properly. You can check the battery’s health if the light is still on. 

What Does S/L/P Mean in Polaroid?

The S on your polaroid means the film cartridge is placed and seated correctly. The L indicates that the film is not loaded properly. The P means that there is no film in the camera. The latter two can be a reason for the flashing light on your polaroid. If you see orange light, it could be because:

  • Low batteries
  • Lens cap still on 
  • Internal damage 

Why does my Instax Mini 11 keep flashing and not taking pictures?

There could be a number of causes for your Instax Mini 11 camera to keep flashing and not taking photographs. First and foremost, it’s important to ensure sure the battery has enough charge and to verify its level. The camera might not have enough power to snap a picture if the battery is low. Second, make sure the film pack is in the camera and that it is not empty by inspecting it. 

Thirdly, look at the lighting because the camera has an automated exposure mode that modifies the flash output and shutter speed based on the illumination. The camera might not snap a picture if the illumination is too harsh or too bright.

Last but not least, if the lens is soiled or blocked, the camera may not be able to take a picture. Make sure there are no blockages and clean the lens with a soft cloth. If none of these fixes work, there might be a technical problem with the camera, therefore it’s best to get in touch with the maker or a camera repair expert for more advice.


Hope you found the answer to your question why Is my polaroid flashing Orange. Here is also a brief guide to why Is my polaroid flashing red? We hope you find the details in this guide helpful in resolving the flashing orange issue. If you have other concerns or queries about the polaroid camera and relevant issues, contact us or subscribe to our blog for more helpful details!

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