Does Portillo's Take Apple Pay

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Chicago, Portillo’s is your ultimate option. 

Portillo’s is best known for its delicious char-broiled burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, desserts, and shakes. Due to its matchless taste, Portillo’s has become the talk of the town these days. 

Therefore, people want to know about the payment options at Portillo’s. 

Does Portillo’s take Apple Pay?

No, Portillo’s does not accept Apple Pay. Portillo’s only accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express,  Portillo’s Gift cards, and Discover Network. 

Maybe Portillo’s will accept the Apple Pay option in the future. But currently, Apple Pay is not mentioned on Portolio’s website

Does Portillo’s take Apple Pay at the drive-thru?

No! Portillo’s does not take Apple Pay at drive-thru.

Michael Osanloo, the CEO of Portillo’s, announced at the ICR Conference that Portillo’s would stop taking cash at its drive-thrus.

Osanloo said that this change is meant to make staff safer. Restaurant workers have been robbed or threatened with guns or knives on the job.

Furthermore, he stated that all credit cards will be accepted at Portillo’s drive-thrus and that the company is also working on making Apple Pay and Google Pay available. 

Moreover, you can still pay with cash at the restaurant. 

How to use Apple Pay at Portillo’s? 

As stated earlier, Portillo’s does not accept Apple Pay until now. But it will start accepting Apple Pay in the future.

Setting up Apple Pay is simple and easy. You can use Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

In order to use Apple Pay with your iPhone, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the side button if your iPhone has Face ID to access your default card. In order to access Apple Wallet, you may be asked to use Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode.
  2. Double-tap the Home button if your iPhone is equipped with Touch ID.
  3. If you want to use a different card, just press the one you use by default to bring up the rest. Insert a fresh card and verify your identity by tapping it.
  4. Make sure the top of your iPhone is near the contactless reader and the words “Done” and a checkmark appear on the screen.

How to use Apple Pay at Portillo’s with Apple watch? 

To use Apple Pay with your Apple Watch, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Double-press the side button. 
  2. The door to your default card will always be open for you. To see more options, please scroll down.
  3. To use a contactless reader, bring your Apple Watch close to the screen until you feel a tap and hear a beep. That’s it!

What other payment methods does Portillos take?

When you visit Portillo’s restaurant or one of their mobile food trucks, you can pay in one of the following ways.

They accept all these payment methods:

  • Visa Card
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Cash

You can use any of the aforementioned options to pay for your Portillo’s purchase.

Final Words 

Portillo’s is famous for its delicious taste in Chicago. Therefore, Americans love to eat its mouth-watering items such as:

  • Char-broiled burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Hot dogs
  • Deserts
  • Shakes

People want to know about its payment method options. With that in mind, they ask whether it accepts Apple Pay or not. 

Unfortunately, it does not accept Apple Pay right now. 

Apple Pay is becoming one of the most standard payment methods these days; we hope Portillo’s will include this in its payment method list. 

The other payment methods Portillo’s uses are listed below:

  • Visa Card
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Cash

We hope this article about ”Does Portillo’s Take Apple Pay”  provides you with the best information. Best of luck!

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