Does Safeway Take Apple Pay

Looking for a smooth way to pay for your purchases at Safeway

Many people today experience uncomfortable sporting cash or credit cards. Fortunately, several virtual wallets offer a more secure shopping experience. Not all stores take delivery of those payment options. The last thing you want to discover when you arrive at the cash register is that your preferred payment option is not accepted.

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘Does Safeway Take Apple Pay?’ Now is the time to find out.

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Safeway accepts apple pay as a payment method at its physical locations across the United States and Canada.

However, you may not be able to pay when you make orders through the Safeway mobile application.

We hope you understand does Safeway accept apple pay. Now let’s jump on to how to set up your apple pay for making payments.

How to Set Up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay is convenient for making contactless payments using your devices. 

Here’s the quick process that you need to follow:

1. Open the Wallet app: Begin by locating the Wallet app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The Wallet app features a white background with a blue credit card icon. Tap on the app to launch it.

2. Tap the “+” or “Add Card” button: Look for the “+” or “Add Card” button, usually located in the top-right corner of the screen within the Wallet App. Give it a tap to initiate the setup process.

3. Login into your Apple account: If you aren’t already signed in, you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password. This step ensures that your Apple Pay setup is associated with your account.

4. Select Card Type: You’ll be presented with various card options, such as credit or debit cards. Select the appropriate card type that you wish to add to Apple Pay.

5. Set a default card: You can choose a default card if multiple cards are added to Apple Pay. The default card is automatically selected for transactions when you use Apple Pay. However, you can always switch to a different card during a transaction if needed.

6. Authenticate your card: The verification process ensures the security and validity of your card. Depending on your card issuer, you may need to verify your card through text messages, phone calls, or banking apps. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Apple Pay to complete the verification successfully.

After completing these steps, your card will be successfully added to Apple Pay, allowing you to make hassle-free payments at Safeway and other supported merchants and online platforms.

How to Use Apple Pay at Safeway?

To use Apple Pay at Safeway:

1. Look for the contactless payment sign at the checkout terminal.

2. Wake up your device and validate with Face ID or Touch ID.

3. Hold your device near the payment terminal without touching it.

4. Wait for the payment to be processed and receive confirmation.

5. Keep your receipt for records or returns.

This is the simple process you can follow to make payments during your visits to Safeway.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Safeway

  • Enhanced security features protect your payment information.
  • Quick and convenient transactions with a simple tap of your device.
  • No need to carry physical cards, reducing the risk of loss or forgetting them.
  • Easy budget tracking and expense management within the Wallet app.
  • Integration with loyalty programs for unbroken rewards earning and redemption.
  • Widely accepted at Safeway and other retail locations for hassle-free payments.


Embracing Apple Pay at Safeway ensures a seamless payment experience and guarantees heightened security measures to safeguard your financial transactions. 

With its amalgamation of cutting-edge security features, effortless convenience, and integration with loyalty programs, Apple Pay sets the stage for an elevated shopping journey, redefining how you make payments at Safeway and other participating merchants.

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